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Weekly Update


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Robina Baker Skating Information

The Kindergarten through grade 4 students will be going skating for two weeks this year.  This first week is January 22-25, 2018 with the second one occurring on February 12-15, 2018.

The schedule for both weeks is here

Each grade will have a ½ hour time slot on the ice in which they will be participating in learn to skate activities and games which are appropriate for their ability level.

All students must have a current CSA approved helmet.  A cage is recommended but is not mandatory for skating.  Hockey sticks will only be allowed for students in grade 1-4 on the last session of each skating week.  For a student to be allowed to play hockey they will need to have a full cage on their skating helmet.


Students need to wear CSA approved helmets

For example, hockey helmets (need a full cage if they want to play shinny), downhill skiing helmets or horseback riding helmets – Absolutely NO BIKE HELMETS will be allowed.


School skates/helmets

The school does have skates and helmets that can be borrowed by students should they find they do not have skates that fit or a helmet meeting the CSA requirement.


Jackets on!

All students must wear their outdoor jackets while skating.  We are really trying to limit the number of runny noses and sick kids that follow a week of students skating around in shirts or hoodies.  Gloves are a must – they keep fingers warm and offer a bit of protection from falls!  Ski pants are also encouraged, especially with the younger skaters.



All classes are required to have supervision on and off the ice.  If you can help out during your child’s skating time, please let your teacher know.


Permission Forms must be completed by January 21- click here for PowerSchool