Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Robina Baker Elementary School


We Are Going Skating


The Kindergarten through grade 4 students will be going skating February 11-14. Each grade will have a half-hour time slot on the ice in which they will be participating in learn to skate activities and games which are appropriate for their ability level.

The schedule for both weeks is available here – please check closer to the date to confirm times.  


The permission form is available on PowerSchool provides permission for both weeks.   If the weather requires us to change our week of skating, we will let parents know but this permission form will cover both weeks.


All students must have a current CSA approved helmet. For example:  hockey helmets, downhill skiing helmets or horseback riding helmets – absolutely NO BIKE HELMETS will be allowed.  A cage is recommended but is not mandatory for skating. Hockey sticks will only be allowed for students in grade 1-4 on the last session of each skating week.  For a student to be allowed to play hockey they will need to have a full cage on their skating helmet.

The school does have skates and helmets that can be borrowed by students should they find they do not have skates that fit or a helmet meeting the CSA requirement.

All students must wear their outdoor jackets while skating.  Gloves or mittens also are a must – they keep fingers warm and offer a bit of protection from falls!  Ski pants are also encouraged, especially with the younger skaters.


All classes are required to have supervision on and off the ice.  If you can volunteer during your child’s skating time, please let your teacher know.  


If you have any questions, please call the school at 780-987-3705.



RBES Annual Spell-A-Thon

Robina Baker will be having its Sixth Annual Spell-a-thon on Thursday, February 21st. The list will be 50 core words for each grade from 1-4, 10 words for Kindergarten students and Pre-K will be tested on the spelling of their name. You may sponsor in any way you want (ie. a total dollar amount or 0.25¢per word spelled correctly). We hope this will be an added incentive for children to become better spellers, as well as a fundraiser for our school. Last year’s Spell-a-thon was a huge success and the students were able to benefit from lower swimming lesson costs, reduced field trip bussing fees, some school-wide cultural events, health and wellness supports and new recess playground bins for every classroom. The monies raised this year will continue to be used to support field trips, swimming lessons, cultural events and health and wellness projects (this could include items such as new gym equipment, new playground balls, etc., mindful tools for classrooms, emotional wellness resources and items for health and wellness days) as well as some items like furniture and hands-on resources to help transform our library into a learning commons. For every $10 in pledges received, the child’s name will be entered in a draw to win prizes. As well, the class with the most 100%’s wins a Dairy Queen ice cream party and the class that raises the most money will win a Dominos pizza party! IGA also celebrates our student’s success with a free Raptor cupcake for a “BEST EVER” effort and Tim Hortons rewards all 100% marks with a free cookie, donut or muffin!

Please return the pledge form to the school no later than Tuesday, February 19th, but DO NOT send in any money until after your child has written the test and we have sent the marked test home that will be attached to the pledge form. In order for prizes to be drawn, all money needs to be in by Tuesday, February 26th! We will be having a wrap-up assembly on Thursday, February 28. PLEASE MAKE ALL CHEQUES PAYABLE TO RBES.

Thank you very much for your participation!