Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Robina Baker Elementary School


Milk Program

Each morning, students with milk tickets will have the chance to order a milk for that day. At lunch, the Grade 4 Leadership Team will deliver milk to the students. Unfortunately, the milk program is not available for our half day ECS students.


For $16 students will receive 20 milk tickets.  You can purchase 20 white tickets or 20 chocolate tickets.  Once your tickets are paid they will be sent home with your child.


There are 2 ways you can use the milk tickets:


1. Cut them up and send them all back to the school in an envelope or baggie – they will be kept in your child’s reading bag.   It will be up to your child to say when they will be used.


2. You can send one back in your child’s reading bag on the days that you would like your child to have milk.


You can purchase the Milk Tickets on your PowerSchool Account.