Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Robina Baker Elementary School


Club Moo Program

Club Moo Products

Every day at lunch, the Grade 4 Leadership Team will deliver Club Moo products to the students who have ordered for that day. (Unfortunately, the program is not available for our half day ECS students.)  The Club Moo products available this year are:

Milk – $1

You can choose white or chocolate milk.  They are both 237 ml

Minute Maid Juice – $1

The Minute Maid Juice is no sugar added (only 40 calories/ box). You can choose between 2 flavors: Peach-Mango or Watermelon- Blueberry

Yogurt – $1

Astro Yogurt (125g cups) comes in 4 flavors (Strawberry, Raspberry, Vanilla and Peach) however you will not be choosing those flavors.  We order a multipack and we are going to see how it goes with possible switching in class if needed.


How To Order

Also, new this year – Club Moo will be ordered through!

The Code you will need to register is: RBES

Full Day Kindergarten – please ensure you only order on the days your child is in school

Just click on the product you want for the day:



For additional instructions, you can check out our Hot Lunch page.


But I still Have Milk Tickets!

Yes, we will still honour the old Club Moo Tickets!  Please write on your ticket what Club Moo product you would like (if different from the current ticket).