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Please note that by August 1, 2020 the Government of Alberta, in collaboration with Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, will make a final decision regarding the return to school scenario that we will implement in September. 


Home Delivery From School Start

We are once again providing the opportunity to purchase your school supplies through School Start.  This process will save you both time and money!

The supplies will be packaged and delivered directly to your house so you will have the ability to:

 You can pre-label your child’s supplies
 You can add supplies to your order for your child in another school

There are a few simple steps to ensure your child will receive standardized brand name products (specified by each teacher).

We will be providing you a specific grade level supply list (links below).  This order form has a Starter Package (base package) as well as Additional Items Required. The additional items are mandatory by each teacher; they include items such as pencil cases, sharpeners, and calculators.  These products do not need to be purchased on a year to year basis if you already have them.

Questions & Answers – Please Read This

Orders will be accepted online until October 1 (a $5 late fee will be applied after August 15)

***Please note that all items on the lists are for student use only.  Our teachers try hard in planning for supplies to keep the list as cost-efficient as possible for your family.

If you have any questions, please contact School Start:

Ph: 1-800-580-1868

Fax: 1-800-580-1890


Shop for Yourself

Just click on these shopping lists to take them to your favourite school supply shopping place:

2020-2021 Kindergarten Supply List

2020-2021 Grade 1 Supply List

2020-2021 Grade 2 Supply List

2020-2021 Grade 3 Supply List

2020-2021 Grade 4 Supply List