Black Gold Regional Division No. 18
Robina Baker Elementary School

Verification Forms

Verification Form Instructions

1 - Log on to PowerSchool

PowerSchool Link

If you haven’t already bookmarked PowerSchool – do it now!  You will be in PowerSchool many times throughout the year.

2 - Click on 2018-2019 Student Verification

On the left-hand side just above student messenger, click on 2018-2019 Student Enrolment Verification.


3 - Begin Forms

After you click that you are older than 13 – click on the green begin forms button

4 -Snapcode Authentication

This is just putting in that student’s birthday – MM/DD/YYYY format

5 - Complete All Sections

You must complete all of the sections on the left-hand side.

However – the first section – next year confirmation will seem incorrect – but do not adjust it.  It is actually showing what grade (and school if in Grade 5)  So you can skip that and not change it at the end.


Complete each section and click on the green NEXT button



Permission Forms

These sections are the permission forms:

Digital Citizenship – if this is not signed your child will not be allowed on a computer

Collection or Use of Student Information – also known as FOIP, if you do not want your child on our website, Facebook or yearbook – you must let us know on this form.

Informed Consent – Walking Field Trips – This form gives your child permission to go on walking field trips.  You will be notified by your teacher when and where they will be walking but you will not have to do a permission form for each trip now.

Consent for Release of Information – this gives our School Council and Fundraising Committee permission to contact you.

Uploads – if you have to give us a birth certificate you can upload it here – or bring it into the office.

Electronic Signature – this is just that – equivalent to your signature


6 - Review and Submit

Review Your info and make sure it is correct.  Remember to ignore that it  has your student’s next year grade

Once you click your final NEXT – you will either be complete (yay you) or it will let you know you have missed something.  Look for any red.

Often it is a simple fix by pulling down a yes from the pulldown.

Thank you!  If you have any questions – please call the office at 780-987-3705