Robina Baker Elementary School


Fees, Payment & Permission

Robina Baker Elementary School is committed to providing quality and affordable education and exceptional learning environments for our students.

In order to offer enhanced educational opportunities for students, fees are established to offset the additional costs incurred.  The fee schedule can be viewed by clicking the “Student Fees” button below.

Should your family be experiencing financial difficulties, please make an appointment with the Principal to discuss the situation and possible alternative solutions.

What does the technology fee cover?

The BGSD (Black Gold School Division) technology access fee will cover a variety of new software tools for students. The first such tool is assistive technology software, this will help students by reading text on the screen from websites they visit and documents they create, listening to your work read back to you helps catch writing errors, and having text read from other content helps with understanding. The program also provides word prediction for struggling writers, standard and visual dictionaries, highlighting and organization tools, and speech-to-text abilities. A second new software application will be a self-assessment tool that uses machine learning to provide writing feedback for the student to help improve spelling, grammar, and sentence structure and provide suggestions for improvement. Lastly, we will be providing creative publishing and charting tool to enable students to increase creativity and capability beyond a standard document or drawing.
Another use of the technology fee is for internet access. Our internet costs are increasing and a new contract by Alberta Infrastructure is greatly increasing the cost to school divisions. The funds will help manage that access, provide increased bandwidth for BYOED and improve protection for students accessing the internet.

Do I have to pay the technology fee if my child participates in the BYOED (Bring Your Own Educational Device) program?

Yes. As noted in the above section on what the technology fee covers, the fee helps offset the cost of software and internet access for all students, not hardware (device).

Permission Forms

For all of our school trips, permission must be given online through PowerSchool. If you are having trouble creating an account or filling out a form, please call the school at 780-987-3705.

Permission Form Policy

All field trip permission forms must be filled out online by 3:00 pm the day prior to the field trip, extracurricular activity, or special event. The school retains the right to communicate an earlier deadline to parents in the event.
If any fee is required, it must be paid for by 3:00 pm the day prior to the field trip, extracurricular activity, or special event unless otherwise stated in communication with the parents.
Please read the entire Field Trip Permission Policy in the link below.